Unleash Your Passion for Cocktails🍸

Are you ready to dive into a world of tantalizing flavors, dazzling mixology, and unforgettable moments? If you’re driven by your love for cocktails and crave an exciting journey through Amsterdam’s nightlife, we’ve got a tantalizing opportunity waiting just for you.

Welcome to Njoy Cocktails, where the art of crafting cocktails is more than a job; it’s a seductive dance of flavors, a celebration of creativity, and a journey that never ends. We’re not just any cocktail bar; we’re the city’s iconic hotspot, standing tall through the ages, and we’re on the hunt for passionate, charismatic individuals to join our team.

Picture this: You, behind our bar, shaking and stirring, mixing and muddling, as the sun sets over Amsterdam’s picturesque canals. Our cocktail creations are nothing short of magic, and you’ll be the magician, captivating our guests with every sip.

Here’s What We’re Looking For

Cocktail Enthusiasts

If you’re the kind of person who dreams of the perfect Martini, explores new cocktail recipes in your free time, and has a natural flair for mixology, we want you!

Night Owls

Our world comes alive when the sun goes down. We need spirited individuals who thrive in the electric atmosphere of evening hours.

Charismatic Charm

A dash of charisma, a pinch of charm, and a whole lot of personality. That’s what our customers love, and that’s what we need in our team members.

Flexible Schedules

From noon till midnight, we’re the heartbeat of Amsterdam’s nightlife. If you’re ready to embrace unconventional working hours, we want you to be part of our adventure.

What’s in It for You?

Joining our team means becoming part of an iconic legacy, surrounded by a vibrant community of cocktail aficionados. You’ll receive expert training, fine-tune your mixology skills, and have the chance to craft your own signature creations in the future.

But that’s not all! We believe in rewarding your passion and dedication. At Njoy Cocktails, we offer a competitive salary package, ensuring your hard work is recognized and well-compensated.

It’s not just about the cocktails; it’s about the connections. We’re a family, and our customers become friends. Your nights will be filled with laughter, stories, and unforgettable moments.

So, are you ready to tantalize taste buds, stir up some excitement, and ignite the spark of passion at the longest-lasting cocktail bar in Amsterdam?

If you’re nodding enthusiastically and can already envision yourself crafting the perfect cocktail with a flirtatious twist, as well as entertaining and advising customers with your charm, then it’s time to take the plunge. Simply send an email with your motivation and a photo to Lilliyin at info@njoycocktails.com. Your passion and charm might just be the missing ingredients that will make our cocktail bar even more extraordinary.

Join us, and let’s shake things up together!

Njoy Cocktails
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